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I am in a house in the woods with wood floors and washed wood walls. A young boy, about three comes into the room and literally grows up before my eyes. He reaches the age of eighteen and has jeans, a sleeveless black t-shirt and square-toed biker boots on. He writes down a phone number for me to remember. The number is (706)-754-****. I don't know anyone in this area code or with a number like that. I can't remember the rest of the number. As I stare as him, I realize that he looks like me. He has high cheekbones and could be my relative. He leaves me and tells me to hold on to that number. It will be important to me one day. (I had this dream two nights ago.) -Sheila

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i am the passenger in my best friends car. she is driving down a country dirt road where i am happily sharing a favorite place of mine from the past with her. we are enjoying how peaceful the trees and countryside are on this sunny afternoon. it makes me long for my hometown days. the road turns into a rutted path and i start to feel excitement wondering where it may lead. we start to go down a steep hill, ahead there are cows that are out of the fence and in our path. i sense no danger thinking that we can honk and go on by the cows. my friend starts panicking and trying to turn the car around. i finally see that there is a mad bull with great horns charging toward us. we cannot get the car to go fast enough back up the steep hill. it is very scary. my dream changes, now i am a small child in the back seat of my parents car and we again are taking an old country road as a shortcut on a family outing. we come to a long old wooden bridge that is clearly not used any more. my father attempts to go on across it. i am aware that boards are falling off behind us. we come to a great hole where there are no boards and are forced to back up across the bridge. but the boards have fallen and left a great hole behind us too. we are stuck on the bridge and it is very high up and i, as a little girl, am terrified.

Dream Analysis


I was on a street that was in someplace like New Orleans, I was with my ex-boyfriend Fred and we went on a walk and two guys in leather came up and took of their belts and said that they were going to rape me, so my ex took off his belt in order to protect me and i ran to the closest house knocked and went in i found a phone and called the police but they would not help, they came in a fire truck and were laughing while questioning me, so I yelled "stop laughing you are not the one who was almost raped, and what happened to Fred? please someone tell me" and then i woke up.

Dream Analysis

Bill Caver

At the beginning I am observing myself and Dave(a man that I know in real life casually as a banker, but on a more personal level as an elder in my church)sitting in a plush business office might look like. We have finished our conversation. I don't know what the conversation was about. He escorted me to and opened for me both of a double door set. Outside the doors was an expanse of crystal clear water, horizon to horizon. Extending from the doorway toward the horizon was a pier or walkway. The only words spoken in were by Dave. Point along the pier toward where the end might be Dave said, "Go to the edge of the water and wait." As I walked along I was totally captivated by the purity clarity of the water. I would from time to time look from water to see where I was walking. I walked off the end of pier, awaking as I went under the water. I experienced not fear, only awe at the purity of the water in which I was now sinking.


Bill Caver

Dream Analysis


I went to bed that night and had the best dream. I was a Duran Duran concert. My best friend and I was sitting 3 rows back from the stage. All of a sudden, they jumped out on stage and started playing. We kept calm, which was unusual. After they sang a song, they was having a contest. 1 lucky winner would get to go on a date with which ever band member she chose. I somehow didn't get chosen to play. I was upset when this girl won and she chose to go out with the lead singer, Simon LeBon,which is my favorite. After that,I walked past the stage, Simon and I made eye contact. I broke the stare and went back to where my best friend was. I remember her saying "I was wondering if you was going to come back or not?". My dream then switched and I was outside. It was dark. Simon was sitting in his truck. I walked over and started talking to him. I told him, with such warm feelings, that I have been a fan of his for 12 years. He looked at me and said, "Really, I'm flattered" We talked for awhile, but I'm not sure what was said. I asked him how he'd been doing. He said he'd been doing Ok. I asked him about his wife and kids. He said they were fine. After I asked that question, he started telling me how he needed to find a job. I told him he's already got a job. He said,"She's leaving me, taking the kids and all of my money with her." He was so sad. I told him that if he ever needed a friend, I would always be there for him. My dream switched again, this time we were at my house so he could meet my little boy. I remember seeing him standing up and holding him in his arms and smiling. Then we sit down and I was sitting in between him legs with my back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug and just held me close. I remember teasing him that I don't have brown-eyes and brown-hair like the women he goes for. He looked me in the eye and said,"It doesn't matter anymore,It's not the outside of a person I look for anymore, it's the inside that counts." Then I woke up. I woke up feeling warm inside. Needless to say. I don't know why I woke up. I wish I could've kept on dreaming! If you have any thought on this dream, please let me know. It's bugging me on what It might mean. I've been studying on dreams, but not enough to know what they mean. I wonder if I was dreaming telepathic with him, or if it was just a wishful dream. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I needed to get this off my chest, but not off my mind! Thank you again!!!!

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The other night I had this dream. It was dark, yet I could see the glare of a light in the background. Well, my dog, Boxie (She's a shi-tzu) started shooting at me and this writer for the magazine Game Players, Bill Donohue. Bill had a number below him, 25, and the number went down every time he moved. I told him to stop moving and shoot at my dog, but he just walked into my garage and came out over and over again. Then my dog threw two grenades at me and started to run toward me. She chased me into my room, where I grabbed a basket and put her in it. I held the basket high up in front of me thinking she wouldn't jump out. But she did. I chased her into my living room, where I placed the basket over on top of her...........

Dream Analysis


i had a dream that i was living in an old apartment i grew up in, in new york. my mother was there but she was untouchable (she died 3yrs ago). my husband who she knew only 6mos before was there also and we were standing in the living room looking around but there was a uneasy feeling.

Dream Analysis


I was dreaming that I was in a dark place in a dirty bigger city street, when I was approached by a man who I had felt was very evil. He says to me that he wanted my soul, I felt very frightened and told him never. He was in front of me, I couldn't move or run away from him. He proceeded to try to pull out my soul from the back of my heart. I felt pain and looked down to see a bright fist sized bright light behind my heart. It was my soul. The evil person/man was laughing, I started saying the Lord's Prayer and he got scared, I felt better and woke up still saying the prayer, yet still felt evil in the air. I have this dream at least once every season of the years for several years. What does this mean?

Dream Analysis


My first dream was of myself in a chapel looking at a statue of Jesus Christ on the cross. Suddenly a Red Cardinal bird flew out of the statues mouth and then I woke up. Last night I again dreamed of a Red Cardinal bird that came up to me very close and I just stood watching it as if to say "here you are again" and that is all I remember.

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I had a dream that I was watching a barn being consumed by fire. I felt omniscient...not fully present. Maybe I was in the trees. At first I thought the fire was out and then it was in the rafters and the entire structure collapsed. Then a nearby house burst into flames. At times I was both inside and outside the house. I was trying to get people out and then someone fell on me..they were on fire and I caught on fire. A voice on a television show said it was murder. Then I was in the trees again and I woke up

Dream Analysis


My friend Jim (gay) and I (not) were walking through a large elegant dining room where people were testing liqueurs. Suddenly Jim recognized a man and introduced him to me as the ambassador of something. He was wearing a tux and had an arab headdress. He had a beard. He commented on our casual dress and asked me why I was lounging the way the I was--my feet draped up and over the back of the chair that I was sitting in. The man then picked me up and held me in the air by just one of my feet. I was terrified but also felt exhilaration. I went into a trance I was doing some sort of flying and dancing combination. I was learning how to do something very bizarre and magical. This man, who was now a bald black man, kept telling me to trust him. He wouldn't let go of me. He wouldn't let anything happen to me--I just had to trust him. I wanted to and began to let myself. As I did, the more intense and elaborate and magical and spiritual and incredible the flying/dancing became. It was like he was using me as a tool to reach a spiritual high, but I too was getting something out of this, something incredible. When I came out of this flying trance, the man the man said that it had been going on for one and a half years. I explained to him how I had felt during all of this and what it had all seemed to be to me. He then described to me what he had been seeing. We had been in this trance together, and while I felt that I had been having a very chaotic and exhilarating flying experience, what he saw in his trance was different. We had been experiencing the same situation, but had different impressions. He said that we had been walking on bronze and that his image of me was that I was calm and serene and had two golden orbs floating around my head. I felt like I was something very special.

Dream Analysis


I am just a little bit frightened about flying. In my dream it was right before takeoff not very many people on the plane i made friends with people in the middle of the plane the plane started to takeoff without warning, i went to my seat at the front of the plane thought i was alone but there were a few others there.I didn't recognize anyone on the plane. it was sharp incline takeoff and it felt like being on a roller coaster ride, i was hanging on very tightly to seat in front, i was more scared than i normally would be on an airplane. I then woke up.

Dream Analysis


I had a dream that me and my best friend were all alone in our school. I don't know what time it was but i think the sun was out. We were both in our uniforms and we were alone in our school gym. I was sitting on a bench and she had her head on my lap. For some reason, she was crying and i was stroking her head trying to comfort her.

Dream Analysis


This dream is really not a specific dream, but more of a re- occuring symbol in my dreams. I haven't seemed to be able to find this symbol anywhere, but in many of the dream I've had in the last 6 months or more, I am often smoking something... I've had dreams like this maybe 15 or 20 times that I recall. There was a period for about a week where I would dream about this endless, desperate quest to find cigarettes; BTW, In the waking world, I'm 15 years old, and my parents used to smoke. I smoked for a while when I was about 9. Maybe this has some kind of meaning? Sometimes it's a big gross cigar, and many times I'm smoking marijuana with friends... I've never done any kind of illegal drugs, in real life. Sometimes I wake up from these dreams so disoriented that it feels like I'm actually high or something... it's really strange. Does smoking or cigars or cigarettes have any meaning in dreams??? IRL, I've avoided friends who smoke, but I'm around it occasionally. What could this mean??

Stacey Flanagan

Dream Analysis


This reoccurring dream involves my teeth breaking. My bottom teeth grind into my top teeth, and I can FEEL my teeth begin to break, and I can HEAR the teeth cracking. It doesn't really scare me, it only bugs me because I don't know what it means. It feels bizarre, and yet I continue to have this dream! This happens in all types of situations, not just one. Thanks guys, Ill talk to you later! P.S.---Isnt the dream catcher a device originally developed by the Ojibway Indians?---Mike

Dream Analysis


I have recently ended a relationship with a girlfriend of six months, and shortly after i had a dream that i was some insane person, and i was just walking around my hometown, killing everyone i knew, and saw. The ground was stained red, and I finally realized what i was doing, and broke down and held my face with my crimson stained hands, weeping bitterly. I never understood why i wanted to kill all those dear to me

Dream Analysis


I have had this dream many times since the age of eight ...with variations of conversations....

Edward,as I call him.. comes to get me while I sleep..we leave the earth and travel to another world.. the first thing I see is a fountain, trees and beautiful buildings.. the sky is so blue that I can "hear" it.. The people dressed in white robes sitting by the fountain are always very warm towards me as if I am special ...(everyone is dressed in white robes) we walk down a side walk to the domed building on the right

There is a sign at the front entrance.. it is the mathematical equation for life and seems so simple.. I tell Edward I'm going to remember it when I wake up.. We do this every time and his response is always.. No, you wont...and he chuckles..

As we enter, the ceiling is arched and there are lanterns lighting the main entrance hallway where there are door on opposite sides.. each room represents a part of life here on earth.. the first room is that of inventions already here on earth..(Edward tells me all inventions are created in dreams that are sent to specific people to create and that they have already been created by the "master craftsmen"..(I shrug my shoulders).. The room on the right is the doorway to the scientific room.. I have not gone in there yet.. the next room on the left is the room of art.. it contains those images of art that was and art that is to be... I always find myself going to the front of the large room to visit an area that is dark.. yet on the wall are these screens.. like television... they will be created by man on earth.. they are framed.. one picture has a river scene of a man in a boat fishing.. the water is actually moving and the trees are swaying.. there is a campfire and I can smell it from a small porthole at the bottom of the screen... I can hear the wind rustling the leaves and the water the top there are vents that push air on me... as though to create the feeling of being there.... there is also a picture of what I thought to be fireflies.. but, upon closer inspection is small little fairies dancing above the blue lake in the stillness of night..whippoorwills can be heard .....and other creatures of the night...

We leave this room to go to the study room.. "Jonathon" joins us... {He is beautiful}.. we study in preparation.. and I can never remember what our study is about when I wake up... There is also math room.. when I go in there.. I understand everything.. and as Edward explains...... everything is a mathematical equation... the bible has many equations.. (shrugs shoulder).. when we leave it is always the same.. I always try very hard to remember the equation.. it is so simple and makes everything seem simplistic...

the end.....

Dream Analysis


1st Dream - I dreamt that I was pursued by a ghost in my house.
2nd Dream - I had this dream. It is very impressionable.

I dreamt that I was in a very ancient(the English type), old pirate ship. I made friends with a few senior pirates. I disliked their personalities and so, I broke out with them and alight at another island.

There, I saw a big crowd of cult members. Their head leader tried to coerce me to join their cult group. But I stubbornly refused. He tried to drowned me into the angry sea waves. But without success and instead, fall into the waves himself. He was dragged down by a sea creature and I was back on another ancient-like pirate ship again.

Here, it was incredible to see an old train on the ship. A very good-looking guy chat me up once I stepped in. He tried to entice me by lust. & I nearly succumb to having an affair. Then I was back to another scene suddenly.

Here, I saw a group of my contemporary people. I do not know them but manage to chat up with them. One of them was holding a puppy but I was afraid of dogs. The puppy suddenly jumped onto me and chased me. I ran as fast as I could.

Please analyse the above dreams. Thank you.

Dream Analysis


Dream #1: I physically woke up b/c I thought that there was a mouse in my hair. (There was no mouse really) Dream #2 later the same week: I was in an apartment, that was very like my own, but not my own, I offered some beer to my ex's cousins, but when I went to the fridge, there was no beer. The cousins were angry at me for offering beer when I had none. I ran to the store to get some. When I returned, the cousins were gone, but there were two mice, a small brown mouse and a larger,white mouse, with a squirrel-like tail. I went downstairs to get this guy from work to (An older guy that I work with occasionally, he's older married, I'm NOT attracted to him)who was moving his daughter into the apt. below me. He was very reluctant to help me, but finally agreed to help. The mice lived in two little mouse houses. One (the brown mouse)was in my bedroom, it had always been there, but I never noticed it until the white mouse showed up. I followed the mean white mouse to his house, which was in my panty. It was huge, like a mouse castle. The white mouse would not let us into his mouse castle, and the brown mouse become scared and ran away.

Dream Analysis


A straight friend of mine admits he is gay and dating someone else I know is gay. He then adds that they are related but don't care about the relation.

Dream Analysis

in my dream i was hosting a party at my house but it isn't the house i live in now. we ran out of marijuana and alcohol so i told my boyfriend in private where i kept it. he went to get it and everyone found out where i kept it. we went into the basement where it was kept and there were all these tunnels- a maze made out of mirrors and a huge room for the sole purpose of cultivating marijuana.i walked in the room with the mirrors (pretty stoned) to see my boyfriend (in the dream only) fucking another woman- the mirrors showing it over and over again.

Dream Analysis


I had a dream in the present time where, in one shopping centre it was all technical, like virtual reality movies or super fast elevators. the thing that amazed me most is that it was just in this shopping centre- nowhere else. I remember asking a guy where the stairs were because i was afraid to use the elevators. he said theyve been frozen. then the police chased after me because i had mentioned the past- stairs and carparks...

i have a lot of these dreams, most of them are in casinos or places like that, but in every one there is an elevator that fucks up or i am afraid to use. one time a group of some sort of terrorists that looked like aliens took over the casino and there was heaps of blood and stuff. all my friends died.

Dream Analysis


In my dream, I was the devil, but disguised as a female teenager. No one knew what I could do to them if I wanted to. Somehow, someone found out I was a demon so I killed her. I was In a shopping centre and everyone found out that there was a demon inside. security guards were everywhere and were looking for me. i told a friend what was going on and he looked at me and he knew. so i told him that he needed to buy some things and to get out before i hurt him. There were lots of machines around and it was like a video arcade. After my, friend timm left, they closed the doors and wouldn't let anyone out. i hid behind a toy train that was going round and round. i then woke up. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.

Dream Analysis


Having sex with people I don't even know no foreplay.

Dream Analysis


I have this reoccurring dream where the interstates are designed like roller coasters - very narrow, thousands of feet off the ground, loops, etc. I never fall but it is a very scary feeling. I even revisit places that I've been only in my dreams. I don't know if they actually exist in real life. Sometimes it is a house or a room. One place is a very tall office building that is all glass and elevators and everyone is wildly running around.

Dream Analysis

Mark Henderson

The dream starts off and I'm in a boat race. I'm on a fast river, and I have a lot of control on the raft. Then, there is a sharp turn, and then the river dries up, and I'm on a road. I'm out of the river, and on a road in my town that I know well(Cox St.). The race continues, up the street. There is a section of the street where there is sort of a hill, but in my dream there is a cliff, and the people are scaling it with ease. I try to scale it, but someone is holding on to my leg pulling me down. I jump off of the cliff, landing on top of the person, maybe on purpose, maybe not. The person says "I'm going to kill you." and chases me around throughout the entire race. Then, we pass by a section of woods on the right side of the street. In real life, this leads to my house. Me, thinking that the race ended in my driveway, cut through and went to my house. Only the race didn't end there, it ended farther up Cox st. I came in last, and I woke up..

Dream Analysis


I have had several dreams over several weeks about Tornadoes. In my dreams I am always running to escape them and over time I find I am less and less frightened by them, maybe because I expect them?? I am almost always in a house of some kind, once in a hotel/my office, and almost always near a beach that I do not recognize from my life. The storms are always intense looking and huge, but the sky around them is bright blue as if a normal sunny day.

Dream Analysis


I had this dream where I'm at school.(I had this dream when I was in the sixth grade)Everything is almost normal,but I'm not wearing any pants!I was wearing a shirt,bra,underwear,and socks.But no pants or shoes.I was trying to hide myself,but it was no use. Everyone could see me,and they were all making fun of me. The teacher,Mrs.Carriker asked me if I wanted to call home to get my mom to bring me some pants.I didn't want to leave though because of embarrassment.But I woke up from there.

Dream Analysis


2 dreams, which share an element I'd like explained: an iridescent electric blue colour, which evoked intense feelings of fascination and dread.

1st, from when I was a boy. My house is haunted, and I brave entering the dark house one night, only to be jostled out by poltergeists. Once outside, I find some sort of sprite is still clinging to my clothes. I catch it in a cardboard box, but it burns a circular hole in the box where it is sitting, squeezes down like an accordion and springs out back into the house.

I do some gardening in the yard, by moonlight. I hear a man offer to help, and I accept without looking at him. When we are finished gathering the harvest, I see that he has transformed into a kind of spaceman: silvery jump suit and a blue lamp shade for a head. It's lit up from within, and the intense colour itself seems to be enough to pin me to the spot.

2nd, from when I was in my teens, after an evening when I'd seen an old girlfriend. A dream heavy with sexual arousal. I'm cavorting through parklands, when I come across a pit in the ground. Looking down I see assorted detritus and rubbish scattered on the dirt, but catch a glimpse of a gleam of colour in the dust. On closer examination its a pair of faceted rectangular jewels the size of fists, that fascinating silvery blue colour. As I approach, they transform into a pair of wrap-around reflective sunshades, on the face of my former girlfriend. The shades colour lends her an entrancing 'glamour'.

She teases and flirts and leads me a chase into a cave that appeared in the pit. She embraces another man, leads me up a stair into an empty dormitory. We embrace and kiss, lie on one of the bunks, but I look away for a moment and she vanishes. Later I realize I had never seen her eyes.

Dream Analysis


I thought I'd question the dream catcher and see if any light could be shed on my re- occurring dreams. On average I have dreamed once a week for the last two years about tornadoes. I call this reoccurring but the dream is never the same. However the tornadoes are different in their destructive potential and size. Sometimes I dream that hundreds of tornadoes are touching down from the sky and I always feel frightened and awed at the same time. These dreams are incredibly real when I am having them. All senses seem to be functioning. So what do you think?

Dream Analysis


My family and I were in a restaurant, having dinner. I was eating quietly, when suddenly I saw one of the waiters slowly take a gun out of his jacket. I screamed "He's got a gun!", and everyone in the restaurant ducked below their tables. The man ran over and grabbed me. He threw me in a van, and the next thing I knew I was in my own house, but different-it was his. I was in my sister's bedroom.I opened the door just a little; from there I could see a blond lady sitting on the couch with the guy. The lady said,"Come on out, Honey. The gun is gone!" and I was going to, but then the man glared and smirked a sly smile at me and I shut the door again. Then I heard footsteps coming up the hall...I open the door just a tiny crack... the gun was at my temple. It went off and I woke up.


I am at a private all-boys prep school and a male police officer in my dream. Although I am dreaming I know I should be female. I find myself in a very crowded hall, with boys waiting to get to their classes, when I hear my name being called, but I don't really hear it. It's my partner, and he tells me we found who we're looking for, a boy with lots of unpaid parking tickets. We go to the parking lot looking for him, only we are dressed as young women so we won't be suspected. We find him making-out in an 1950's pick-up truck. The girl gets out of the car an she's beautiful, she looks at me and somehow in the dream I become her, but I'm still the cop in drag. The boy finally looks at me and he is very handsome and familiar to me, yet I've never seen him before. Some kids in the car beside us tell him something and he easily reaches over and punches one of them. Then he looks back at me, intensely in my eyes, takes my hand as if to shake it. I notice how very green his eyes are and how they contrast with his olive skin. He pulls me a mite closer to him and introduces himself to me by saying "Gabriel." Then I wake up and feel as if I had just met Gabriel the Archangel.


I had a dream that I was trying to walk up the marble steps of a church. However, my shoes kept slipping on the steps and I couldn't get in.

Dream Analysis


in my dream, i see myself fall asleep and start dreaming. In the dream, I am being stalked by someone, and I try to run away. I see myself trying to wake up, but I can't. I see myself telling myself to wake up and I will be out of danger. It's like my mind is trying to wake up my body, but it is useless.Once I wake up in the dream, I then have trouble waking up in reality. I have been told by several people that I kick, and have other actions like I am scared. I do remember once or twice, after waking up within the dream of hearing what's going on around me, but I can't wake up. It's like I have to force myself to wake up.I have had this dream several times over the last year, and it is really bugging me. Please help me.

Dream Analysis


While looking through the classifieds, I found an add for a job. A local pet shop wanted someone to come in and amuse their kittens. This sounded like the perfect job for me. I wondered if they would hire me, and if one could actually make a living entertaining kittens. These questions were never answered, because the scene faded immediately.Now I found myself in the ladies room at Walmart. Not only was it filthy - one of the toilets was overflowing, and the floor was under two inches of water. I went out to the customer service desk to get someone to fix it., but the lady there said all the employees were afraid to go in, because it was haunted. I was highly annoyed (I really had to go), but they wouldn't be swayed."I don't believe in ghosts", I said. "We do!" she answered. Finally a woman and a male employee (who looked and acted a lot like "Lurch" from the "Addams Family") went into the bathroom. Immediately they came back. The woman was unconscious and Lurch had to carry her out. Both were disheveled and bloody. The ghost had attacked them. Evidently, I had been wrong - although the ghost hadn't done anything to me. Then I went home (to an apartment house I don't live in). A neighbor's door was open. She was on the phone with a friend. She looked a lot like Crystal Gayle, and was a medium or spiritualist who had written couple of books about her experiences with the spirit world. A group of her friends, all writers, had written an anthology about the subject as well. Their book was in my hand, but for some reason I had no time to do more than skim through it. One of the writers was very upset, telling the woman on the phone that there were at least thirteen entities in her apartment, which distressed her because it was a small apartment and was very crowded. I was able to see her spirit visitors too - people from several different time periods and cultures. The lady was also very agitated because she thought that all this spirit activity foretold approaching disaster.Then I was out in a parking lot in front of the building. A friend, his 11 year old daughter, a younger girl, a man who was supposed to be my grandfather and I were all sitting on the running board of a rusty 30'svintage sedan. My friend's daughter had heard that smoke kept away evil spirits, and wanted a cigarette. I lit one for her,and the looked to see a tornado ripping up the town a mile or so away. It was followed by a second one -and then a third, much closer.I pointed to it, and said to my grandfather, "Papa, look at that!" "Everybody get inside!" he said. Since the tornado was very close now, that seemed like a good idea. I picked up the young child, and we all ran to the building. Cars were flying into the air, just like in the movies. As we ran into the house, and I pulled the door shut, I wondered if going up to the second floor was such a good idea. I thought that we might be better off braking into the cellar instead. Then, I woke up.

Dream Analysis


i was in a cellar,it was somewhat dark and damp i walk to the back of the cellar and up some stairs. the stairs led to the outside of an old house , it seemed for some reason that i had gone back in time (before all this happened people were telling me the house was haunted)when i got outside there was abe lincoln. i just stood there and watched him he was fixing this old house he was on his knees , then i asked him if he needed help he said "well those boards need nailing". i looked down and i was standing on a old wooden deck of some sort , i don't remember nailing the deck but i knew i did it. then i asked is there anything else i can do for you mr. lincoln he said "the boards need a painting." i looked down again at the deck , again i don't remember doing any painting but i knew i had did it . i said good bye to and left. i meet up with the people who had told me the house was haunted and told them what had happened . one of these people told me seeing mr. lincoln was good luck because he face is on the penny. when i looked back at the house i had been in it wasn't old anymore.does this dream have any meaning? looking forward to your response.thank you sal

Dream Analysis


I dreamed that I was being lead into a chamber to be executed. I was to be executed in an electric chair, but I awoke right before I was to be executed. That's all I can remember about it.

Dream Analysis


I was at home, sitting in the family room and the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there were two deflated balloons outside. I blew up the balloons and they were in the shape of people. They were identical. One of them began crying. No sound, just tears. The other one also began crying, but not tears. Another substance.I don't know what the substance was. It was red, but I don't think it was blood. This scared me and I threw the "balloons" outside. I looked outside a few minutes later and they were gone. I went back to sit on the couch, and the doorbell rang again. My dream started over.

Dream Analysis


It started out with me talking to this child with blonde hair. I was in this room, which was dark. I looked at his eyes and they were changing and almost looked evil. Then the more I looked at his, he got eyes in his mouth and in his ears. I asked him what was happening, and he said something about people coming. I knew this was bad, and that I had to get away. I flashed in my dream to my high school. They were very few students that were trying to get away. I remember Nathan, my ex was with me, Nathan is gay. I ran past this girl, whom I do not like, and she was one of them. I got ready to attack her if she was going to try to stop me from running. But she didn't and I went running. I ran past one of my ex's house, and I was going to go there and hide, but there wasn't enough time. So I ran to my Aunt's house, and we both hid in her basement. One of them came in and did not see us, and walked out. We waited and walked out, there was this girl..a poet who was going to tell them poetry so she would distract them. We jumped over a small wall into a neighbors yard. We thought we could hide beside it. I remember looking up at that house and the trees around it were on fire. The house had been burnt down by them. I saw a lot of them coming out of house on my street. Then another girl who I do not like came out and sat with another girl beside the wall. I knew they would see us, and they did. I sat up and asked them how to join. I knew that if I didn't join they would kill us. She said something I can't remember, but I knew what it meant. It was something like..well, she asked if i had slept with one of them. Meaning that was the way to join. I looked to Nathan and was thinking I had slept with him, then he knew what I was thinking and said" No, we didn't" I don't know why I was thinking that he was one of them and thinking in another way that he wasn't. Then I woke myself up.

Dream Analysis

Pumpkin Seeds

Okay... It started off my Dad, Uncle, Cousin and I driving down some windy mountain road that was really close to a cliff with no guard rails. I kept on saying to my dad that we were getting too close again and again but he said 'I'm just giving you a good view. A second later we went straight off the cliff and flew for a couple seconds and hit the water. Everyone was scrambling to get out of their seat belts and open the doors. If I remember correctly only my Dad and I got out... So we look farther out towards the shore underwater as we're trying to swim towards the surface and we see all these strange eerie lights. Some how we both swam over there and got out of the water which was below the road. Somehow I realized that my father and I were dead and we where not in heaven... The rest was kind of a blur so here's my best shot: It seemed that I kind of liked it there and everyone was nice to me. It wasn't at all like you see in the cartoons. There was also a door to get out that always had a different letter on it. They were: "A" to "F%7" to "Q" to something else I can't remember. You had to "beat" A to get out but it kept on changing so you can't keep up!! But, I got to talk to my mom and tell her where I was except whenever I would say 'Hell', 'Devil',or try to tell her where I was, The Devil would say something different so I couldn't tell her anything. We both started to cry. I can't remember any more. Sorry for the typo's.

Dream Analysis


I have had two dreams in the past two months that are very similar and have been bothering me. I first had a dream that this guy I have been in love with for two years and am presently getting over, died of a drug overdose. Everyone was telling me he was dead, and I was so upset. I cried throughout my whole dream. Then, at the end of the dream,I read a newspaper account of the death and it wasn't him. It was somebody else. That dream was bad, but then I had a dream that he died in a car accident. The exact same storyline, but dying in a different way. All my friends told me he died, and once again I was extremely upset, crying through the whole dream. I wanted to go to his funeral so bad, buteo I wouldn't be welcome. At the end, I read a newspaper account of the accident, and once again found out that he had not really died. Help, what is going on? I submitted a dream once and got no answer. Please answer this one!!!

Dream Analysis


This is another disturbing dream I had (I am beginning to think I am crazy) i am being chased by people around what seems to be a castle type structure there is a moat and I dive into it to escape and someone comes in after me i know they want to hurt me i swim underneath a gate that is closing and through a space in the stonewall that is small enough for me to swim through, but only me i come up for air and climb out of the water, a man is behind me still in the water i reach down and pull him out by his hair and we lift into the air above the water i pull his head back, bare his throat and sink my teeth into the tender skin of his larynx" Is this how you killed him?" he asks me as he dies." No, I was saving this just for you," I reply as his blood runs down my throat and in my mouth.

Dream Analysis


I am lying in bed, I can feel someone lying next to me even though I know I am dead. I can see, hear, and think, but I know I am dead..I am cold and I can feel my own skin, stretched like thin rubber over stone. The wall next to the bed is a honeycombed type structure, with snakes in every cell.. thousands of them, reaching out into the room but never actually leaving the honeycomb. I am naked and I feel the snakes biting me, one after another as I stand before them. I am lying in bed again, still dead yet I am looking down upon myself...someone speaks to me, I cannot remember what is said but I reply, " I know...that is why I died."

Dream Analysis


I work with someone who told me she had a dream about me and another guy she works with who is a close friend of mine. She said she was taking a shower and we were there. My friend stepped into the shower and I stood there watching. We were fully clothed. She said that the whole time we were having a regular discussion and that there was nothing sexual about what happened. In fact, she thought it was odd that we were there while she was showering just talking about work-type things. When she told us about this at work, we talked about what it could mean. Why do dreams so often put together incongruous elements? Does that really mean anything or is it just cross circuits in the brain?

Dream Analysis


Dreamt that i was going to a wedding in a shopping center then got invited to a "repeat" of the first wedding, only it wasn't formal - ie shorts and tshirts but the bride and bridesmaids wore their headpieces and carried bouquets - i never got married and wasn't in the weddings, just an observer

Dream Analysis


This is a dream I had in March 1996. I didn't write it down until the evening, so some is undoubtedly lost. I am male, 35 years old.I am standing before a stonewall which resembles the great wall of China. I know there's a hole in it, but that hole is covered with snow which I am removing with a shovel. The hole is only about 50cm in diameter, so I must crawl to get through it.Inside there is a square room, about 3 m. on each side. There is a large opening in the wall to the right, about 2 m. wide (leaving about 50 cm wall on each side of it). Looking in that direction I am initially startled as I discover the presence of two people in a similar room, a child around 10 and a woman around my own age. The woman is wearing a head scarf (white?). I withdraw from the first room because of my fright, but decide to reenter.The second time i discover two other people. Immediately to the right of the first two sits an elderly man (he is in his sixties), and to his right a man around my own age. The latter greets me heartily with a "Well, someone having fun there, eh" (meaning me). The "other room" is in fact only the start of a long tunnel extending from the wall, perpendicular on it, and way ahead. The guy who greets me is Danish like myself, so we can communicate in Danish. His name is Henrik, I think (I am told somebody's name, either his or the old mans). The other three are tibetan.The old man is the leader of this little group; in fact he is a high-ranking something -- not DalaiLama, but some local leader (or in charge of some area). He is crowned with something which resembles the adornment of native americans, about a half meter high or more, and made of large brown feathers, each about 25 cm. long and 10 cm. wide.I understand that the tunnel is part of a gigantic underground complex through which one can enter and leave Tibet as one pleases without anyone (read: the Chinese) knowing anything about it --only tibetans know of the tunnels existence. Farther, much farther on through the tunnel there is a connection to a kind of labyrinth (?) in the left side of the tunnel, and via the labyrinth a way out into the open -- inside Tibet. The tunnel extends way beyond this labyrinth, however.I have no recollection of walking through the tunnel, not even of being told all this in words. It's just something I know or learn. Only spoken words are Henrik's initial greeting.I end up walking downhill with a woman (perhaps the one with the head scarf?). I think we are talking together. I don't know where we came out of the tunnel, and I don't know whether we are inside or outside Tibet. --------------------------- When I woke up, my feeling was that "my wall" was situated between Tibet and the "free world", i.e. between Tibet and India, Nepal or Bhutan. Besides, the great wall of China is up somewhere in the north towards Mongolia, whereas Tibet is down in the southwestern part of China, so the great wall couldn't possibly be on the border of Tibet, right?Well, I have been reading up on Tibet. What the Chinese have decided to define as Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) covers only about two thirds of the area where tibetans live inside china (in fact, more Tibetans in China live outside than inside TAR). The traditional Tibetan province Amdo extends to the northeast from TAR almost to Mongolia and the great wall.

Dream Analysis


I had rarely had any recurring theme in my dreams before, until this particular theme. I am always in a car, mostly in the driver's seat, sometimes in the passengers side and once or twice in the back seat, drivers side. it is usually at night that i am driving also. I seem to be unable to control the car. Most of the time the car has no brakes,i keep trying control it, but I keep hitting the gas petal. One particular time I was talking on a car phone and i was unable to take control of the car until the person hung up the phone, which they refused to do. most of the dreams end before I am able to stop the car, but once or twice I did crash the car.i wake up feeling a little frustrated and disoriented.i have had some trouble telling my dreams from reality at times also.

Dream Analysis


I noticed a grey hair in my brown hair. When I noticed it, it became a lock of grey hair. It looked good. I had long brown hair, soft and luxurious but a lock of it grey.

Dream Analysis


I dreamed I was walking down the street in some large city and Al Pacino came out of a building along the street, came up to me and gave me a big, wet, romantic kiss. When he finished, I said, "You'd better go home and brush your teeth; you have food in your mouth." Then I woke up.

Dream Analysis


I was in the hospital. I was supposed to have twins. I passed out before delivery of twins. When I came to, the twins were gone. I wanted to see them, but no one would tell me where they were. They were stalling. I got really upset. They sent me to a huge room that was more like a school cafeteria than a sanitary nursery. They began to show me kids that obviously were not mine. The "children" ranged from a couple of weeks old, to a couple of years old, to adults dressed as babies. My husband was not with me, I was alone and no one would give me a straight answer. Finally, a woman gave me a name and address of another woman who had info about my newborn twins. It was impossible to find the house where this woman lived. I woke up and was scared.

Dream Analysis


I had a series of dreams that all ended the same way. In the first I was standing on a high mountainside looking over the city where I live, when suddenly I saw many tornadoes descend on various parts of the city. I knew that each one of those tornadoes was bound for someone I knew. In the next dream, I was camping near a ranch, when I befriend a young boy who lived with his father on the ranch. He had a daisy BB gun that was broken, so I jumped in a sports car and drove into the next town to get the bb gun repaired.After it was fixed, I drove hurriedly back to the ranch and just as I handed the bb gun back to the grateful boy, the tornado appeared. Everything fell away, but me and the tornado and I knew this one was for me. (A few years later, the last time I saw my father alive, he reached into his closet and pulled out my old daisy bb gun,and told me "It doesn't work anymore, but you can get it fixed.)

Dream Analysis


I have a reoccurring nightmare. A friend and I pull an armed robbery on a bank. During the robbery a police officer is shot and killed, I think by me. We both escape capture but we leave many clues behind. The rest of the dream is spent wondering weather we will be caught. I'm also fearful that my accomplice will cave under pressure and contemplate killing him. In real life, I nor my friend has ever been in any trouble with the law. We are financially stable and would never consider these actions. have had this dream three times in the past month.

Dream Analysis


This is one of only two "flying" dreams that I have had in my entire life: I dreamt that I was in a high school classroom and an estranged friend of mine (from high school) called me over to her desk while the teacher was giving her lesson to ask me to write a speech that she had been given to her as a school assignment. The speech was to be on apocalyptic literature. Being very interested in the subject, I felt excited by the chance to write on it, but knowing that it had to be 25 pages in order to fill the required amount of time for the speech she had been assigned, I was hesitant (I would hardly want to write a 25-page paper for myself, much less someone else). I told her I'd think about it and went back to my desk. The teacher (who was late middle-aged, not very attractive, and had fiery red hair) must have been some sort of witch. She was trying to demonstrate something to the class regarding a "power-source" that was in the ceiling above us. She called me to be a volunteer in the experiment. She focused her eyes on the power source and then on me, and the energy flowed out in electric beams from the power source and reflected off her eyes and into mine. I literally felt surges of electric energy in my dream, making me convulsive and filling me with a warm, tingly energy inside. As I was convulsing, the teacher kept asking me "What are you feeling?" She asked repeatedly, but I could never answer. Partly because my tongue was convulsing and partly because I couldn't pinpoint my feelings. But then suddenly I knew. I was feeling the urge to fly. I spread out my arms and started flying (very low) above the students in the classroom. I put on quite a show. Then I landed back in my desk and class was over. As I walked out of the room my (now estranged) friend asked me again if I would do her the favor. I said I'd have to think about it while we went to the campus lecture on apocalyptic literature. As we were sitting in the assembly hall waiting for the lecture to begin and thumbing through the bulletin to see what other lectures were to be given that semester, she asked me again. Since I was so interested in the subject, but really didn't relish the idea of writing a 25-page paper I told her, "OK, I'll do all the research for you an get everything together, because I'm really interested in the subject, but you are going to have write the paper yourself." The end.

Dream Analysis


I think dreams can tell the future. I had a dream and the next day it came true. I had a dream that I was at the Olympics ina stadium and there was this big blast like a bomb. The bomb hurt me in the shoulder and there were other people that were hurt too. Then my husband said to me oh your hurt you should get help. There were lots of people in the stadium thousands and thousands then my dream ended. The next day I heard on the news that someone bombed the Olympics.Strange isn't it?

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