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what are your dreams trying to tell you?
Our dreams have a superior intelligence in them: a wisdom and cleverness that guides us. They convey to us illuminating insights. They warn us about danger. They predict future events. They hint at the deeper meaning of life. Dreams steer us to an adapted, wise attitude toward life.

The DreamWeavers are experts in Jungian dream analysis. We created this website to provide a resource for those who want to learn to understand their dreams. Current exhibits include Dreams of the World, a collection of dreams gathered from all over the globe, with responses from Jungian analysts and dream experts. You can also learn to understand the meaning of your dreams in the Dreamweavers' Circle, a collection of articles about dream symbols by Jungian dream analysts.

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The Language of Dreams is a breakthrough video series introducing a step-by-step method of dream analysis previously unavailable outside of intensive psychotherapy. Produced by the DreamWeavers, experts in Jungian dream analysis, and hosted by Jungian analyst Elizabeth Strahan, the tapes guide the viewer through dream techniques emphasizing Jung's synthetic, creative approach to translating the messages delivered from the unconscious via dreams.

While the complete series is a comprehensive exploration of the language of dreams, the first two tapes are a complete introduction to Jungian dream work. You will learn to listen to the psyche as it speaks to you in dreams and unlock the messages from the unconscious by understanding its particular language.

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